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January 9 - 30

Rain or Shine - Up the water spout, down the water spout, you know how it goes. We’ll use our senses to explore the sights, sounds, and sensations of sunny days, rainy days, and all the other kinds of days in between.  Rain or Shine, we’ll be ready for some fun!

I Can Do That! - Being a toddler is complicated.  There’s so much I still need help with, but so many new things within my grasp!  I like to try them out, but you’re always telling me to be careful.  So let’s try some new things together, and when we’re done, I’ll probably want to remind you: I Can Do That!

Big Red Barn - An enduring favorite theme, farms (and all the moos, quacks, and neighs that come with them) are a reliable toddler hit! Packed with classics, Big Red Barn is fun and active as you move like animals, make animal sounds, play instruments, and learn about loud/quiet and fast/slow.

May 7 - 21

Zoom! - Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes…here it is! There it goes, there it goes, it’s going…it’s gone. Explore the sights, sounds, and sensations of cars, trains, and planes. Experience the steady beat of their clickity-clacks and vroom-vroom-vrooms, the fast-and-slow of their comings and goings, the stopping-and-starting, and the jingling of keys! Off we Zoom!

    April 9 - 30

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March 5 - April 2

Sing & Play Spring Semester Curriculum Descriptions

Playtime! - Nothing could be better than Playtime! This unit is all about fun and predictability. Do it, then do it once more. That was fun. Let’s do it again! From Pop Goes the Weasel to Sally Go ‘Round the Sun, and Little Green Frog to Monkey See, Monkey Do, this unit is a non-stop play-fest that stresses the developmental value of predictability, repetition, and play.

February 6 - 27