Musik Troop materials include: TheoryTime Lesson Book, Piano for Little Fingers Lesson Book, Practice & Progress Assignment Book, Bastien music flashcards, headphones, and custom WAM carrying tote.

The Woodlands Academy of Music offers a total of 44 Musik Troop classes year - round, beginning August 1 - June 30. Each class is 55 minutes in length and includes 10 minutes of sharing time with parents or caretakers*. Monthly tuition starts at $85.  Materials and enrollment fee are additional and due upon enrollment.Classes fill fast - grab your young musician and get to the troop. Musik Troop

 11:00 Cadets - Mr. Caleb*

   5:00 Cadets - Mr. Caleb

 4:00 Cadets - Mr. Caleb

5 - 7

Musik Troop's most popular class, Cadets is a 1-2 year group piano preparatory class with an emphasis on preparing your child for one-on-one instruction. In this class designed for 4 students learn to read music and the foundations of music including technique & theory.

                                                                          $100 monthly

*One year of study and metronome are required.                                                                 $100 monthly               

Continue your Musik Troop experience or expand your private music lessons and become Officers of Ensemble. Officers take their knowledge of notes & rhythm & apply it to fun duets, steady beat exercises, & social building activities. Music concepts include: meter recognition, dynamic control, conducting patterns, & melodic balance. 


Musik Troop is a specially designed preparatory program for students ages 5 - 10 years that focuses on one-on-one lesson readiness and more. Written and developed here at The Woodlands Academy of Music, Musik Troop uses a group approach; pairing students with state-of-the-art instruments. 

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Class Descriptions

7 - 10

5 - 7

(281) 367 - 0545

Class Schedules

5:00  Cadets - Mr. Caleb

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The newest Musik Troop class, Rhythm Platoon, students are introduced to a variety of instruments, including: keyboards and strings, early percussion and many more. The class also incorporates foundations of music including technique and rhythm; with a max of 6 students in each platoon.                            $85 monthly

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